Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cross stitching

Cross stitching seems to be a hobby or craft that has gone by the wayside. Other crafts such as making jewelry, soaps, body lotions and potions have pushed what once was a creative past time into oblivion.

I get a huge amount of satisfaction from taking a paper pattern, a blank piece of material and turning out a highly detailed work of art. Patterns can be very intricate with lots of detail or much simpler and old fashioned looking. No matter what the pattern, when you are finished, you have a beautiful piece of art.

The hardest part, to me, about cross stitching is deciding upon the one pattern in my library of patterns to stitch. I can spend hours flipping through my patterns until one just begs to be stitched.

If you haven't tried cross stitching, maybe it's time to give it a chance.

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