Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm having a sale!

I decided to mark down some of my hand made pieces in my Etsy shop so I could make some changes. If you want to have a look at what's on sale check out this link. Back to stitching for me. I'm working on a custom order of 8 Santa ornaments and I can't wait to get them done. I've never done them all at one time. Watch for photos that will be coming soon. Happy crafting.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Who would dump a puppy?

I was sitting in my chair checking out my shop on Etsy when I heard whimpering and whining coming through my front window. I have 2 dogs of my own but they are in the house all the time so I got up and looked out the window and there on my front patio is this fat little black bundle of fur. Where did he come from? I went outside to see him and he promptly scurried under the shrubs in the front of the house. After trying to coax him out, I finally gave up and came inside to get some food and water. I decided to spy on him and see if he came to eat and he did but ran back under the shrubs for cover. Now I have spent my whole day trying to get my hands on this puppy. I did get close enough to see that he is a chubby boy. It makes me mad to think someone may have dumped him off out here in the country to fend for himself. He is only about 10 weeks old, lonely and scared. Hope I can figure out where he belongs before my kids make me take him in (I'd love to keep him too!).

College trip to Italy turned into family trip

My daughter, who is a junior in college, has the opportunity to travel to Italy and study art during the summer. She has always wanted to travel abroad and who can blame her. Two weeks in Italy sounds like a great way to spend part of the summer. While checking into the trip for my daughter, I thought it might be great for the whole family to make the trip to Italy. She could hang with her friends during the day and study art and the rest of us could sight see. I looked for Italy tours. it was that easy. This could be the summer of memories for my whole family. I think I'll have to start making some plans to see Italy.