Friday, April 30, 2010

TGIF - And my hubby is going fishing

Wow!  I'm exhausted.  My morning started off at 5 am with sending my hubby off to work.  I was in the garden by 6 am planting the 34 plants that he brought home.  Back in house in time to send kids off to school, back out to the garden, came in to get a drink only to discover my daughter's lunch still sitting on the kitchen counter.  I did a quick clean up and ran out the door to run errands and take her lunch to school.  Back home 2 hours later to finish planting the squash, zucchini, and cucumbers.  Hopped on mower to bag some grass clippings to mulch in the garden.  Then I headed into the house to do 2 loads of laundry, pack my hubby's bag, clean 2 bathrooms, sweep the floors, vacuum the rest, clean up the kitchen and then off to the bus.

Thank God hubby's off fishing for 4 days.  I'm taking a vacation too!  Planning on spending my time stitching to my heart's content.

Happy crafting everyone.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

7 soccer games in 5 days and Prom, too!

My daughter has played 7 soccer games in 5 days and has the bruises to prove it.  She played in a soccer tournament on Friday and Saturday and then had to rush home to make it to her hair appointment.  I have to say that after slogging through the mud and rain for 2 days she cleaned up really well.  She was absolutely beautiful all dressed up for prom.  Her poor dad suddenly realized that his baby girl is now a young woman!

Prom is over and now we are awaiting graduation.  It's so hard to believe that she's already 18 and will be going to college.  Smart and beautiful, she got a full paid 4 year scholarship to college.  We couldn't be prouder.

Monday, April 26, 2010

New cards added to shop - What do you think?

I just listed 2 new cards in my Etsy shop this morning.  One is a Prairie Schooler pattern of a rose and rosebuds and the other says "Love Note" with music note hearts below the wording.

I'm already working on a new pattern and hope to get it done in the next few days. Is it too soon to start working on Christmas stuff?  I'm feeling the need to stitch up a Santa pattern. 

It's been raining here in the midwest for the last 4 days so I've had time to stitch lately while I watch the grass get taller and taller.  It is much needed rain though and I'm glad to see it.

Happy crafting everyone!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things I've stitched in the last 6 months

Here's a link to my Flckr account where I have been posting pictures of what I've stitched.  I was really surprised today when I saw all the things I've stitched and finished.  It doesn't seem like I have a whole bunch of time to work on any project but I guess those brief moments add up.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Work in Progress

Deciding which pattern to stitch next is always the hardest decision for me.  I want to stitch them all.  I'm currently working on a rose pattern that I'm planning on turning into a card.

Part of deciding what to stitch is trying to figure out what buyers want.  I wish that were an easy question to answer.  Do buyers want flower cards, cute cards, event specific cards like for a wedding or birthday.
All my stitched pieces are put into a 5 X 7 tri fold card that also works as a mat so the card can be framed.  Instant keepsake or decoration.

Feel free to give me some feedback.  I'd love to hear from you all.

Happy crafting.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Super busy time of year for my senior daughter

Wow!  I don't know where my daughter gets her energy but she has been going and going like the Energizer bunny.  She had 5 soccer games last week, worked 3 shifts at her job, spent time with her boyfriend, all while trying to get everything ready for prom.  Thank goodness the college stuff is done for us.  She got a full paid 4 year scholarship to a private college because of her grades.  We are so proud of her and her accomplishments.

Wish I could put some of that drive into my son.  He's a very smart, easy going freshman who just skates by barely.  I'm sure he will accomplish a whole lot in life but he'll do it at his own pace.  My friends all tell me it's second child syndrome but I think it's genetics.  My father was called 3 day Bob because he was a slow, meticulous worker and my brother-in-law is blessed with that same turtle like pace so I guess my son comes by it naturally!

No matter at what pace my kids work, Energizer bunny or turtle, they are both great kids.

Stitching as fast as I can

I've been trying to stitch in all my spare time but cross stitching is not a fast craft.  I did manage to get 2 new items done Monday morning and listed in my shop.

I listed these 2 pinkeeps separately in my Etsy shop.  The long one is from a Prairie Schooler pattern.  I coffee stained it to make it look old.  The other one is from the same pattern but I modified it to make it a horizontal pinkeep.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Finished another piece but still struggling with Etsy shop.

With all the April showers here in mid-Missouri I took advantage of the drizzly weather and got another piece finished yesterday.  I also spent some time cross stitching on a primitive folk art pattern and hope to turn that into another completed piece in the next day or two.

This is a Prairie Schooler pattern that I made into an ornament.  It features a wren sitting on oak tree branches and a wren house.

I think it turned out pretty cute!

I've been trying to get more items in my Etsy shop because everyone in the forums seems to think that more items listed equals more sales.  Hope this is true.

Happy crafting!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Making time to stitch today!

Rainy weather here in the midwest is forcing me to sit and stitch.  I just finished a piece and listed it in my Etsy shop and am planning on finishing a second one to list later.  I'm loving these April showers.  It gives me an excuse to stitch to my hearts content.

I think this piece turned out really nice.  Might have to stitch one to go with my rooster collection.

Happy crafting!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Time to Stitch

I sure haven't had much time to stitch.  I haven't finished a few of my projects into completed items either.  With the beautiful spring weather calling me outside, I've been too busy working in all my flower beds to find the time to stitch.  Loving this weather though.  Sat through 2 of my daughter's soccer games and really enjoyed them.  In previous years we would be sitting in the rain, sleet, and snow watching the girls play.  So far so good this season.

Hope everyone had a great Easter.  We spent the day with my father-in-law who just migrated home from wintering in Texas.  Came home tan and relaxed.  Seems like a good way to spend your retirement years.

Happy crafting everyone!