Friday, April 30, 2010

TGIF - And my hubby is going fishing

Wow!  I'm exhausted.  My morning started off at 5 am with sending my hubby off to work.  I was in the garden by 6 am planting the 34 plants that he brought home.  Back in house in time to send kids off to school, back out to the garden, came in to get a drink only to discover my daughter's lunch still sitting on the kitchen counter.  I did a quick clean up and ran out the door to run errands and take her lunch to school.  Back home 2 hours later to finish planting the squash, zucchini, and cucumbers.  Hopped on mower to bag some grass clippings to mulch in the garden.  Then I headed into the house to do 2 loads of laundry, pack my hubby's bag, clean 2 bathrooms, sweep the floors, vacuum the rest, clean up the kitchen and then off to the bus.

Thank God hubby's off fishing for 4 days.  I'm taking a vacation too!  Planning on spending my time stitching to my heart's content.

Happy crafting everyone.


  1. LOL You worked HARD today! But now I want some cucumbers! I will have to write that on my list for tomorrow at the store.

  2. I love this from your shop

    I am going to tweet it for you.

  3. Thanks, Christie. I did work hard but certain times of the year require alot more work and spring is one of them. Thanks for the tweet!