Friday, March 19, 2010

A Piece of the Past

I live in a small rural town in mid-Missouri and have lived here since I was 9.  I'm 46 now.  When we first moved to town 37 years ago the population was about 1,200.  We had 3 restaurants in town; 2 fast food (A & W and Dairy Queen) and 1 sit down restaurant.  As a teenager most of us in town worked at Dairy Queen.  My two sisters and I all worked there.  In fact my oldest sister and I worked there for about 10 years.  They paid really well, worked with our schedules and let us quit to try a career change, have babies, or whatever we were doing.  The owner always welcomed us back when we needed a job.

Yesterday they tore down Dairy Queen and now a piece of the past is gone for many of us.  I've been on Facebook with my friends and it's funny how everyone is reacting.  It was after all just a restaurant but to us it was a huge part of our lives.

Makes you remember the good old days.

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  1. reminiscing is always fun and bitterweet.

    There used to be a great down home kind of restaurant in my town. They tore it down & put up a Walgreens...