Friday, February 4, 2011

Cabin Fever!

It's been a really snowy, cold winter here in mid-Missouri.  Our annual snowfall is around 22 inches and this year we have gotten that and then some.  We got a 1/4 inch of ice on Monday and then 13 inches of snow on top of that.  I've been snowed in at home for a week and cabin fever is knocking on the door.  I finally braved the elements and went to town today.  Who would think that grocery shopping could be good for the soul!

Here are a few pictures of our Winter Wonderland.  I live over a mile back on a private gravel road, and then we have about 1/2 a mile of driveway.  Not to mention 2 huge hills and 2 creeks.  I usually love living here on our beautiful 50 acres with a lake in the yard but not so much when it looks like this.

Good weather for stitching though cuz it sure isn't fit for man nor beast!  Happy crafting!


  1. If only I could find the time! Been too busy trying to keep up and remove the constant snowfalls. Snowing again!