Friday, August 13, 2010

Busy Week

It's Back-To-School time.  That means for all of us mothers and/or teachers that we are winding up our summers.  I've spent the whole week running the kids for haircuts, clothes shopping, doctor visits, and early check in for college.  This is definitely the least favorite part of summer for my teenage son.  He's not a big fan of school!

Yesterday my daughter and I did her early check in at college.  Let me tell you that it was steaming hot on campus and we were both getting cranky way before we were done.  Now that we did that though she can just get her key on Wednesday and move right in to her room.  Yeah!

I'm beginning to feel the stress of her impending departure.  I think my husband is too!  We've both been moody over the past week and I'm pretty sure it's because our baby is flying the coop!  Hope things settle down for everyone when we get her moved in and have a few days to adjust.

Enjoy the time you have left this summer with your kids.  It goes by fast.!

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  1. Aw. I am leaving for my first time in college and my parents are experiencing the same thing. Good luck to your family :)