Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Garden Time

I swore this year that I would NOT plant a garden because I am the only one that works in it and picks it. Each year my hubby promises he will help and he ends up working extra and can't help. The kids will only helped if forced to do so (what can I say, they are normal kids). Somehow though I have ended up with a garden full of 18 tomatoes, 32 peppers (my husband loves hot peppers), 6 eggplant, 16 squash hills, 4 cucumber hills, 4 hills of cantaloupe, and a row of spinach. Just came in from 2 hours of watering the new garden and now I'm heading out to cut the grass so I can mulch the garden in before the weeds begin. All I can say is that they better help this year! I have gotten a little crafting done in spite of the hours I have spent outside in the yard and garden. I finished up several sets of beaded acorns yesterday.
I have also managed to complete a couple of cross stitch pieces but need to finish them. But for now it's back outside.

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