Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finished one, started another

I think I've finally got my groove back. Finished stitching my turkey yesterday and started on a pumpkin pattern. I feel like making fall stuff I guess because the weather here in mid-Missouri is fall like.

It was 49 degrees this morning. The pool is steaming and now I wish that I had gotten in and removed the steps before the cool down. I'll just have my husband do it! He can thank me later! Ha! Ha!

Off to stitch. Happy day!


  1. Turkey is so cute! Know what you mean about the pool. To close or not to close? Is anyone REALLY going to get back in or can we end it before the leaves make the job twice as hard??

  2. I'm not sure how warm your summer was but we had 1 week of hot weather and then only around 80 degrees the rest of the summer. That's super unusual for Missouri. It's usually 90+ degrees for July and August. Closing it this weekend no matter who I have to shove into the pool to get it done!