Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stitching time

I'm sure there are other crafters out there who find it difficult to get that little block of time when you can work on your craft. Another three day weekend gone and I didn't stitch a thing. Now it's Tuesday and my house looks like a giant picked it up and shook it. Took me a solid 4 hours of cleaning, doing laundry, washing, wiping, dusting, etc. to get it back in shape. Unfortunately it will only take around 1/2 an hour for the results of my work to disappear. But for now I'm off to stitch.


  1. Indeed, those crafting times can be scarce. I know exactly what you mean, when a clean house can turn into mess in a half an hour. Have to blame to cats, in my case, lol. Hope you had a great time stitching, :)


  2. Good, I am not going insane. Sounds just like my house. clean, clean clean(and I look behind me and it's dirty again) somehow I will get to craft(and then have to clean up my big ol' mess...lol)

  3. It is nice to know it isn't just me. I feel like a robot some days trying to keep up only to start all over again. It's kind of like the movie Ground Hogs Day!

  4. I found your blog through etsy forums! I think it's super cute :)

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  5. I was just telling my husband, "It NEVER ends!" Right there with ya! Great blog!


  6. I know the feeling all too well. It's an endless job, but someone has to do it. I decided to take a couple day break one time to see if the place will clean itself. Nope... It was a loss cause. No one is willing to be my helper. Maybe someday, I hope...

    I haven't created a craft or artwork in 2 years. I want to get back doing so, because it always made me feel better to create.